Will Removing Ovarian Cysts Make Me Lose weight?

Ovarian Cysts

An Ovarian-cysts is a common medical condition that occurs in women. It is also referred to as the It's also known as Cystic Ovarian Mass. Like other conditions of Cyst, it grows and solidifies on a surface.


Anybody with Ovarian Cyst will be uncomfortable and want to know how to get rid of it. Out of all Cyst conditions, an Ovarian cyst is the one with the most effective and complications.

Although most Ovarian Cyst would disappear after some time, they can be deadly when it doesn't heal.


The Ovary is a gland that has two tentacles. It has the responsibility of producing oocytes in women. The Ovary also produces estrogen and progesterone.


A cyst is a condition whereby your body suddenly develops a spaced sack with fluid. It is very common and can develop due to wounds, infections, insects, bacteria, and other reasons. There is no stipulated maximum size that Cyst can get. Often, Cyst is painless and harmless.


When a Cyst grows on or inside the Ovary, It is medically known as an Ovarian cyst. The condition is common among women. The most common type of Ovarian cyst seen in women is known as a Follicular cyst. It is a condition when the ovarian Cyst contains fluid and eggs caused when the Ovary does not release its eggs or rupture.


Sometimes the Ovarian cyst disappears after some months and, at other times, grows into severe cases. If you have discovered an Ovarian cyst, it might be better to act fast.

  Naked and thriving

Most women are worried about their weight and stature after removing the Ovarian cyst. Can I be the same me after removing an Ovarian cyst? You will get an answer to that if you continue reading this post.


I will also give you a basic understanding of the Ovarian cyst and answer other questions you probably have in mind. You can only understand the concept of an Ovarian cyst and all that surrounds it in this article when you pay careful attention.


This does not give you the go-ahead to prescribe any drug or administer any treatment to take care of yourself. You still have to wait for the medical practitioner to tell you what to do next concerning your condition.


How Ovarian Cyst Affects Your Weight.

Many people have asked the question of weight in relation to Ovarian cysts. Am I gaining weight? Is the Ovarian cyst affecting my stature? And a lot of other weight-related questions.


The fact about Ovarian cysts is that you don't know the extent they can grow. Past cases have shown how big the Ovarian cyst can be; the size is incredible. Since it is a growing process, more tissue means more weight. But is it as significant as you think?


Ovarian Cyst does not add weight as much as your think. Although the ovarian cyst sack contains fluid, larger parts of a severe case contain gas. While you might feel like you have gotten overweight, the gas is just a deceit. 


What Will Happen To My Weight After Removing Ovarian Cyst?


I know a lot of people are worried about what will happen to their weight after removing an Ovarian cyst. Yes, it calls for concern, and you need to know what your body would look like after something that big leaves your body. Are you bothered that you might lose weight after removing the cysts?


If you remove the Ovarian cyst, you will get relieved of the gas, and the tissue and fluid of the Ovarian cyst will be removed. Once you get rid of that, whatever weight the condition added to you will be removed. You won’t be affected for too long, and you will be back to your normal look. There is no way an Ovarian cyst affects your stature. It's a temporary condition that grows on the inside.



Common Signs of Ovarian Cysts.

Ovarian Cyst is a condition every woman should watch out for. Anyone can be a victim of ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are silent in some women, which means they won't see any symptoms that they are developing Ovarian cysts. However, in others, some signs can mean an Ovarian cyst is growing.


Body Pain.

If you are developing an Ovarian cyst, you might start feeling pain in some parts of your body. This pain would not come every time. Whenever you do things related to your Ovary, that is the best time to watch out for the pain at those stated angles. You might feel pain when having sexual intercourse with your partner.


Abnormal Menstruation.

If an Ovarian cyst develops, you might discover irregularities in your menstrual cycle. The number of waste eggs might have significant differences, or you don't see your period regularly again. You might start feeling pain where you don't experience pain before.



Hirsutism is a condition where women grow dark hair in masculine parts like the jaw or other facial parts. The woman might also grow hair in parts like the back and chest.


Ovarian Cyst has hirsutism as a symptom. If you discover growing hair in the abovementioned parts, that might be a red light.



Bloat is a condition that makes your tummy feel full or tight. It makes you feel you are adding weight. I call this condition decoy weight because that is what it is. The big feeling is a result of gas.


Severe cases of Ovarian cysts have bloat as a symptom. See a doctor when you observe this sign. 


What Should Be Done After Removing Ovarian Cyst?

You don't have to panic if you have taken the bold step of removing the Ovarian cyst. You would get relieved in a few weeks. Meanwhile, there are some things you should avoid for that period. If not, another complication can develop, which you definitely do not want.


Below are the things you should avoid during the healing process.


     Do not carry heavy weights for the time being. Don't try to lift anything that can exert weight on your tummy. Give a little time before you resume some activities.
     Reserve your strength while pushing things. Pushing can make the surgery point loosen up, resulting in complications.
     Do not pull. Pulling as well is not good for you in the present condition.
     Stay away from sexual intercourse until you receive your medical advisor's go-ahead. It is not about wild sex or gentle touches. Stay away from every form of sexual intercourse.



Will removing an ovarian cyst affect conception?

You might have a low egg count for a few months after the process, but it does not stop you from conceiving a baby.

Can Ovarian Cyst affect a fetus?

Removing an Ovarian cyst will not affect your pregnancy.


Will Ovarian Cyst reduce my fertility rate?

Your fertility will not be affected in any way as long as the condition does not call for the removal of an ovary.

Can an Ovarian cyst develop in men?

Men do not have ovaries and can not have a menstrual cycle. It would be completely weird for a man to develop an Ovarian cyst.

Which medical specialty handles Ovarian cyst removal?

A gynecologist with a cancer specialty should handle it properly.



If you think you have an Ovarian cyst of any kind, you don't have to panic. Make a complaint in the hospital if you sense you might have developed this condition. An Ovarian cyst is not a cancerous illness and can be permanently removed.


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