Signs Your Glutes Are Growing


Signs Your Glutes Are Growing

There are so many reasons why you may decide to want to grow your glutes, from fears of being body shamed to feelings of confidence. You could also want to do that if you want your clothes to fit you.  

Different reasons arise by the day, and women take steps toward this cause to have bigger glutes, one of which is constantly going for workouts.

If you have started working out to achieve the backside of your dreams, that is believed to be a step in the right direction.

Here are ways to know that you are making progress.

Signs That Your Glutes Are Growing 

Changes in your glute size

You need to constantly keep a track record of your measurement and notice changes that signify that your workout sessions are paying off when trying to grow your it.

An obvious pointer that shows your glutes are increasing is a change in their size. Pay close attention to it; you will observe the difference when changes start occurring. 

Your clothes become tighter in your rear area.

Another peculiar sign is the fitting you get from your clothes. Your clothes get tighter from the waistline downward. 

There will be an all-around increase in your lower body. When you discover tightness in your muscles and waistline or discover that your pants fit differently, become tighter than they used to, or even require you to get new ones, this proves that your workout sessions are paying off.

This increase is a motivation to continue and achieve the backside you want.

Your waist becomes smaller. 

After working out with concentration on your glute growth, you are bound to notice a reduction in your waist size. 

This change can be detected easily from your belts, corsets, and girdles. If you wear these pieces of clothing, you may notice that your hooks and fasteners seem farther from your body.

This transformation is proof that your waist is shrinking and your glutes are growing, and as a result, your pants may begin to feel loose at the waist. 

Your glutes become defined.

Your clothes fit better, and your curves become more pronounced. There is an obvious roundedness as your muscles tend to increase and your shape is more defined.

Your squats are getting easier.

You may notice that you can do squats more easily during your workouts. The additional muscular mass is the reason for this, as it gives the movement more stability and support. Your body would find it easy to exercise causing the glutes to become stronger. 

The mirror tells your story.

When you check out your shape in the mirror and see an obvious difference, this is an obvious pointer that it's growing. 

It is advisable to keep a track record of your growth through mirror photos. When these pictures are compared, you are bound to see an obvious change.

An increase in your confidence level 

If you have been working out for a while and feel more confident in yourself, there is a chance that your glutes have grown.

It took you so much energy to get to that point, so, normally, a huge backside will be able to build your confidence. Do not hesitate to show off your accomplishment and strive to get more of it. 

Changes in your thighs

As you grow your glutes, you will notice changes in your thighs. As your muscles stretch, your thigh muscles form and become thicker from the many squats and exercises you engage in during your workout sessions. 

One of the sure ways to know that your glutes have grown is to measure your thighs. 

Measuring will help you notice the changes in size and do more to achieve more results.

Compliments on your progress 

If people notice and compliment you on the increase in your backside, it’s a good sign that you are getting your results. 

These compliments could be the push you need to continue working on getting the body of your dreams.

How To Grow Your Glutes

Are you considering increasing your backside naturally using workouts? Let's look at a few ways to achieve your dreams.

Do the right exercises. 

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are doing the right exercises. Not all workouts can grow your glutes; as such, you need to find out and be sure you are doing exercises that will be instrumental to the growth.

Do your exercises correctly. 

It is not enough to do exercises, you have to be sure that you are doing them the correct way.

Bear in mind that if these exercises are not done properly, they will likely yield little or no results, which may dampen your spirit. To prevent such, endeavor that you are involved in workouts. properly to achieve massive results.

Eat foods that contain protein.

Proteinous foods assist in building up the muscles. To achieve bigger routes, you must ensure you eat lots of proteins to speed up the process.

Eat enough calories 

Another sure way to grow your glutes is to consume foods with a significant amount of calories. 

Calories help tremendously in building and gaining muscle mass. Therefore, to increase your backside, you should consider incorporating calories into your diet. 

Avoid cardio in your workout sessions.

Cardio is a very helpful exercise, but not in this case because it is mainly done with the intent to reduce weight and shed fat. 

Engaging in cardio will hinder your glutes from growing as they will become smaller instead of getting bigger.

Consistency is key

In life, the only way to see results is to be consistent. The same applies to your workout sessions.

You are guaranteed to improve your backside when you work out consistently.

The above tips will help you in your glute growth journey. 

Exercises that help grow your glutes.

Several exercises help your glutes grow, and you should consider adding them to your routines and workout sessions.

The glute bridge

It is used in growing your glutes. The glute bridge workout strengthens your muscles and increases stability in your core and hips. 

Jumping squats

Jump squats are very instrumental to glute growth. In addition to growing your glutes, they also help strengthen your hips and calves and boost your heart rate.

Note that you have to check with your physiotherapist first before doing this exercise. if you have any issues with your ankles or knees.

Donkey kicks

This exercise is one of the most important when growing your glutes. It targets your muscles and rear end, forming, rounding, and firming them in the process.

Resistance band steps

The resistance band steps exercise is done with the use of resistance bands. It targets the muscles and glutes, thereby increasing their mass in the process. 

It is performed by taking steps while placing the bands below the ankles or knees. It is advisable to perform this exercise alongside other body exercises like squats or lunges for better results.


Often, when exercises like the deadlift and squats are performed, some parts of the muscles are not reached completely, hence the importance of the clamshell exercise.

The clamshell helps to balance the lower body, targets more muscles, prevents lower back pain, grows the glutes, and solidifies the overall body build. 


Deadlifts can also help in growing your glutes. This exercise targets the core, legs, and lower back muscles. 

It is also responsible for improving posture, stabilizing the core, and increasing strength.


What is the best exercise to perform to grow my glutes?

So many exercises grow the glutes, but deadlifts, squats, lunges, and the glute bridge have been proven to work faster.

Can eating grow my glutes?

Yes, some foods assist your workout routine by giving you bigger glutes.

How do I know that my glutes are growing?

If you are working on growing your glutes amidst other signs, you are guaranteed to notice your curved getting defined.


As much as you want to grow your glutes and get defined curves and a perfect shape. , there are steps you need to take to achieve them. 

Remember that consistency is key to achieving your desired goal regardless of your reason for trying. 

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