Is Package Goods/Cosmetics a Good Career Path?


Cosmetics Career

You have been thinking of having a career in packaging goods and cosmetics, but you are unsure if it's the right decision. Different questions keep popping into your head about how promising the career is and comparing it to other alternatives.


The package goods and cosmetics career is expected to have a five percent increase over just nine years. You can be one of them, and no one pushes the other over the edge in this sector.


You should know crucial things before getting into the package goods career. They will help you know where to specialize, how to go about easy growth, and other considerations that will shape your job on this path.


The information in this article will include how well you will be paid, how interesting the job is, how stressful it is and other interesting this you want to know.


What Are Package Goods And Cosmetics?

Packaged goods and cosmetics are called FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). This product includes items that are easily and quickly bought. Examples of such products are Cosmetics, packaged foods, toiletries, and beverages. An easy way to identify such goods is when they are affordable.


This type of product has its boundaries regarding who uses those products. Fast-moving consumer goods are only meant for consumers. Any product that is used in producing other products or will not be consumed immediately after purchase cannot be classified as a fast-moving consumer product.


You might want to know the in-depth meaning of cosmetics and why it is added to packages goods. Cosmetics are chemical compositions used to make your appearance better. The wide variety of cosmetics made it a sister market to packaged goods. It is logical to call it a part of the FMCG since it is consumed immediately. 


What Can We Call Product Development Cosmetics?

Discussing product development cosmetic is a regular topic when package goods and cosmetics is mentioned. This is discussed because it is the very part that shapes how cosmetics are made for customers.


Product development involves research workers who focus on creating new cosmetics and skin care products to suit customers' demands. Without the incremental creation of cosmetics, it will be challenging to venture into the cosmetics part of FCMG.


Possible Income In Package Goods Cosmetics Career?

The "Fast Moving Customer Goods" industry is very large and dynamic. What often determines the pay is the kind of job you settle for. However, most jobs in the Package goods /cosmetics industry are reputable and professional ones. It would be insensitive to conclude on a general number.


The company where you work as a package goods/cosmetics staff matters. You cannot compare the pay of Unilever to an upcoming beauty care company. However, the average amount a beauty care worker gets is $65000, and other fast-moving customer product workers have an average of $7000.


Top 7 Jobs to Consider in Package Cosmetics Career



A dermatologist treats and takes care of the skin, hair, and nail. A dermatologist is also a certified medical practitioner. You must study and get a license before becoming a dermatologist. Dermatologists are paid an average of $360000 per annum.

  AVP Marketing

Assistant Vice President of Marketing is a crucial position that works with the whole marketing team to find and implement strategic plans. These plans are volatile regarding packaged goods and need constant watch. AVP marketers are paid an average of $110,000.

        Director Of Global Innovation

The director of innovations has the job role of overseeing the incremental development of packaged products. They work with human resource tasks and everything needed to make products more appealing to customers. They are paid an average of $280,000.

          Product Development Engineer

Agencies often regulate cosmetics and other packaged products. Meeting this regulation while achieving products in accordance with market analysis is done by the product development engineer. They have an average pay of $100,000

          Digital Marketing And Business Analytics Managers.

Digital marketing helps the product reach a larger audience through the internet. Digital marketers are paid an average of $5000. Business analytics helps shout the essential data for scaling a business/product forward. They are paid an average of $80,000.

          Development Executive

The development executives are responsible for increasing sales by convincing clients to buy more and sourcing new customers. They earn an average of $100,000 per annum.     Merchant In package goods/cosmetics

These merchants are called packaging suppliers. They resell packaged products and cosmetics to consumers. It is not easy to get the average income they earn. Their earnings are based on how large their market has gotten.


Soft Skills Needed Package Goods and Cosmetics Industry.

Apart from your degree and whatever necessity you might have gotten to secure a career in packaged goods/ cosmetics, you must know there are some skills every worker in the packaged goods sector must have. They are referred to as soft skills.

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Below is a list of those skills:

     Interpersonal communication

     Find and solve problems

     Time management



Top 7 Cosmetics Product Developers.

1.    L'Oreal.

L'Oreal is a french based cosmetics company that has existed since 1909. The advantage of early existence and constant research and development has pushed the company to be one of the best cosmetic options in the world


L'Oreal has managed to have some renowned products all over the world. They are:

     L'Oreal Paris


     Maybelline New York and



These products include color cosmetics, skincare, sun care, fragrances, and hair care. Those sectors have made billions for the company.


2.    Unilever.

Unilever is a conglomerate that has invested in many sectors, including cosmetics and food. The company is a perfect description of FMCG investors. With their years of experience, they are one of the top specialists in the industry.


With several successful cosmetics companies, Unilever has been able to leave its footprint in the cosmetics industry. Below is a list of products that set Unilever as part of the big ten.












3.    Estee Lauder.

Estee lauder is one of the most competitive cosmetics companies. It has created a lot of standards where others had to level up. The company has aged well since 1940 and has put its experience to good use for growing the company.


Estee Lauder has built 25 different brands in over 100+ countries. Based on these achievements and expansion, they can be grouped as one of the best producers in the industry. They have also diversified their cosmetics to many sectors, like skincare and color cosmetics.


4.    Procter And Gamble.

Procter and Gamble extended their cosmetics gesture to kids. They offer different body care for babies and adults. The company is currently in the United State. P&G is well known for its prevention and protection products.


A few of the brands that orchestrated from them are:




     Head and Shoulders



There are a lot of other subsidiaries under Procter and Gamble.


5.    Coty.

Coty is a French-American cosmetics company based in New York. The company rose to join the league of strong cosmetics brands through acquisitions. Coty acquired several unicorn cosmetic companies that had future potential.


Coty owns popular brands like:




     Katy Perry



6.    Shiseido.

This Japanese company started as a pharmaceutical company before moving into cosmetics. Shiseido was able to make waves since it was the first western-modern pharmacy in Japan. They are now into the production of makeup, skincare, fragrance, and other related products. 



Beiersdorf is another aged company that has made it to the top ten list. The company is present in a lot of countries around the world. It's a German company that manufactures and retails its products to customers by itself.


Retailing their products by themselves is a strategy used to avoid piracy. The strategy also secludes Beiersdorf users from other cosmetics customers. A unique product by Beiersdorf is Nivea.


7.    Johnson & Johnson.

Your baby has probably used one Johnson & Johnson product while growing. Although J&J is still referred to as a pharmaceutical company, it has gained prowess in cosmetics.


Johnson and Johnson have most of its product for babies and baby care. Johnson’s baby product is one of the company’s most popular products.



Which sector makes the most money in FMCG?

Body care is by far the sector generating the highest revenue.


Do I need to attend college before working in the package product industry?

Your role would determine that. However, It is advisable to get your degree regardless.


How competitive is the package product industry?

The package product industry is highly competitive.


Can I create a new packaged product?

Of course, the industry accommodates new ideas.


Are services part of packaged product and cosmetics industry?

Some services are part of the packaged product industry.


Now you know everything to know about building a career in FMCG. You must know that, in reality, nothing comes easy. For those starting a company or as staff in any organization, you must be strong and have enough perseverance to move into the next stage.

It's a lucrative and creative field, nevertheless, having a passion for it is essential.

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