How to Use Shower Gel(Step-by-Step Guide).


How to Use Shower Gel(Step-by-Step Guide).

Shower gels are bathing liquids that, as their name implies, do not need for you to be in a bathtub for you to have the best experience bathing. All you need is a shower!


And, of course, a loofah to scrub with.


Method on How to use Shower Gel


1.    Choosing a loofah/sponge should always be the first step because it is what how you feel during and after your shower largely depends on you. You should pick one out depending on your preference and skin type.


If your skin is tough, you may want to go for more coarse sponges like glove sponges and thick ones.


However, if you have a tender skin type that tends to itch after using normal sponges, you can go for very soft ones that can be as light on the skin as foams for applying brown powder. This will help you feel as satisfied enough as people with tougher skin types after a shower, and ensure you do not itch.


You may also want to pick a loofah depending on your shower gel type. If it's one that lathers a lot, a thicker sponge should be suitable to hold the lather and distribute it around your body. Shower gels with way less lather would be wasted on a thick sponge, so thinner ones are advised.


Always make sure to pick your loofah beforehand to ensure a satisfactory bathing experience.


2.    Wet yourself and your loofah as much as possible before applying your shower gel.

This is important so you can be well lubricated before applying the shower gel, so it can spread around. It also helps avoid wastage of the gel, as putting it under the shower immediately can wash the shower gel off. So, this is a very economical step and would help your shower gel last longer.


3.    Now apply the shower gel on the sponge and start to wash it all over. Make sure to be gentle as possible, and I would recommend a softer sponge for your face, or you might as well consider using just your hand to wash your face.


4.    After washing your body thoroughly, turn the shower back on and rinse off all the lather. Make sure to get it out of your ears, too!


As you can see, using a shower gel is extremely easy, and using it well can guarantee your best bathing experience!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Are shower gels better than bathing soaps?


Answer: if you use bathtubs, a shower gel with a lot of lather might be best for you. For dry skin also, shower gels are better. But if you're looking for something cheaper, bar soaps are the best option for you, you get more for less cost.


2.    Is it better to use your hand or a sponge to wash your face?


Answer: For a cleaner result, a light sponge  is your best resort for cleaning the face, it also helps reduce the spread of bacteria on your face.

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