Honey Blossom Review(Benefits and Features)


Honey Blossom Review

There are countless fragrances in production today, and all of these have a direct link to how you feel, how you carry yourself, and your interaction with others. 

Flourish Honey Blossom, launched by Avon, is a wonderful confidence boost and conversation starter. You'll have everyone asking for the name of your perfume in no time!

About Honey Blossom 

The person responsible for creating this scent is world-renowned perfume chemist, Gabriela Chelariu. Honey Blossom was launched in 2019 under the umbrella of Avon, an internationally recognized makeup and perfume company. 

It is a flower-themed fragrance and comprises three scents that have been combined to create an enticing bouquet.

Benefits of Honey Blossom 

Long Lasting Scent

Applying perfume and smelling great for a while is one thing. It’s another to have a long-lasting scent all day long. The essence of wearing perfume is to smell nice, and no one wants that to be for a few minutes. 

You sure want the fragrance to last long and create a refreshing environment all day long. Honey Blossom has considered that in the production of its products. You won’t just have a partial moment of smelling nice; it would last longer than usual perfume. 

Sweats Can’t Reduce the Fragrance

The body tends to produce sweat on a sunny day. At times, some people have body odor, and sweat could trigger it when the day is going hot. With Honey Blossom perfume, you can be assured that sweat is not capable of beating down the fragrance of the product. This is one core quality several products lack. 

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 Boost Confidence 

Frequently, we have more boldness to speak when we feel we are properly dressed for an occasion. In the same vein, smelling nice solidifies our confidence in approaching people. That confidence is one of the many attributes you tend to derive when you start using the product. 

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Features of Honey Blossom.

One of the reasons why the product has such a great fragrance is because it’s made up of three scents divided into the top, middle, and base notes.

Scent notes are the various scents that contribute to the ultimate fragrance. The scents are divided into three layers: the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

The fragrance wouldn't be as enticing if the three scents were not well blended or compatible. The scents notes in Honey Blossom are;

  • A top or head note is the most dominant fragrance and is obvious as soon as the perfume is applied. You could say it is the introduction.

The top note of a fragrance dissipates very quickly. They are responsible for the perfume's first impression and play a vital role in enticing the customer to buy the fragrance.

Top notes could be strong and light-smelling fruits or herbs. The top note for this perfume is Apple Blossom.

  • The middle note lingers longer than the top note; it is usually the more dominant scent and is responsible for introducing the base note. 

  • The heart note contributes the most to the perfume, making up 40-80% of the fragrance. The base note in Honey Blossom is Honeysuckle. 

  • Base notes last the longest of all the scents. It sets in as the perfume begins to dry and makes up a very low portion of the perfume. The base note for this perfume is Vanilla Orchid.

The top and middle fragrances are the most noticeable but fade before the base scent. All these scents put together makes Honey Blossom an alluring fragrance for women.

Application and Use of Honey Blossom. 

  • Perfumes are meant to be applied on the skin and not on clothes. This is because perfumes could leave stains on your clothes. 

  • Apply Honey Blossom on your pulse points which are the areas of the body that are usually warm and damp and where your veins are closest to the surface of your skin; the inside of your elbow, the sides of the neck, and on your upper chest area.

  • Use after a shower to smell good all day long.


What is the quantity of perfume in a bottle?

Avon comes in a 1.7 fl. oz bottle.

Is Avon Honey Blossom a good gift?

Yes, Avon Honey Blossom would make a wonderful gift.

Can I get Honey Blossom perfume on Amazon? 

Yes, you can check it out here. 


Infused with the very essence of spring, Honey Blossom promises to take you to a field of flowers on a beautiful spring morning. Buy Avon Honey Blossom, and you can have your very own springtime in a bottle.

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