Best Essential oils for warts (causes and cures)

Best Essential oils for warts

In this article, you'd be learning about warts, how to recognize them, and how to cure warts at home by yourself, using essential oils.

Warts can be very embarrassing. They are inflammations on the skin that look like boils - or even worse, cancer! - and would cause the skin to look distasteful, and unappealing, therefore, they must be avoided at all costs or cured as soon as possible.

Although they mostly affect kids and teenagers, they can also be contracted by adults.

How do you recognize Warts?

Warts appear as swellings on the skin and look like severe rashes crammed together in one spot. Disgusting to picture, right? I thought so.

The skin around your warts can also change color to become yellowish or whitish.

So if a part of your body has rough, swollen, yellowish spots, it is probably warts.

What causes Warts?

Normally, they are caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

However, warts are very contagious, so it is quite possible to get them from rubbing shoulders with the person you sat beside on the bus, or even from a handshake. Whatever qualifies as close physical contact is something you can get warts from, so far as the person, you're in touch with has it.

Also, lack of awareness is a major factor in spreading warts. If someone who had warts didn't know that it is contagious, they would easily be spreading it around within minutes, because they wouldn't know enough to keep a good distance from people in order not to infect them.

Another thing that can spread warts is sharing of personal belongings. Using the towels, clothes, and razors of someone who has warts will definitely make you contract warts, too. So avoid using the personal belongings of other people, especially someone who has warts.

What parts of the body do warts appear in?

This largely depends on the type of warts we're dealing with.

Common warts mostly show up on the hands. Flat warts appear on faces and foreheads. Plantar warts may look like calluses because they affect the soles of the feet. 

You can also have warts in your genitals and these are called genital warts, and they are formed in the groin. They are actually caused by sexual transmission, hence the location they affect.

Now that we know what warts are, how they look, how they are contracted, and the parts of the body where they appear, how then do we cure them?

I once read a humorous classic by Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where the characters, who were children, were discussing using a variety of things like beans, dead cats, and spunk-water to use to cure warts. It was a fun read, but those things do not actually cure warts in real life.

So, what cures warts then?

A variety of things cure warts, but we're going to be focusing on only one of them in this article. Essential oils.

What are essential oils?

These are oils made up of natural compounds and are mostly used as by-products of trees.

They are very useful and they have qualities that are healing, and health-boosting, and can help in aromatherapy.

But most importantly, they cure warts!

Lavender oil

This is an essential oil famed for its pleasant smell, and in contrast to smelling salts, it works as a stress reliever when perceived, and helps you calm your nerves.

So, how does it cure warts? To cure warts, lavender oil should be applied to the affected spot three times daily for up to a week. 

The affected area may initially turn red, but warts will start to fade within a couple of days.

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Tea tree oil

Tea tree is the most researched essential oil, to show you how important it is. It has been used to cure so many skin infections like eczema.

When combined with clove oil, it can be made into a cream that will help eliminate warts by drying them up and killing off their roots. This combination also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it effective in treating the pain associated with warts as well as acne breakouts on the face or chest area (the most common places where people get these pesky growths).

You can use tea tree oil on its own if you want some additional help getting rid of those pesky little bumps on your body!

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Neem oil

Neem oil is surprisingly a natural pesticide and it can be used as an insect repellent. It is one of the natural byproducts of the neem tree.

Neem oil is the most effective way to remove warts. Neem oil can be used to treat small warts, but it should never be applied directly on large or deep-seated warts. 

If you have a wart that's not getting better with home remedies or topical treatments, you may need to have it removed by your doctor.

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Neem tree leaves contain chemicals called phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties, which means they help reduce swelling and pain associated with skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema (dryness). The best way to use neem tree oil as an effective treatment for warts would be by mixing 1 part neem leaf extract with 5 parts olive oil (or coconut) base—you'll find these ratios at most health food stores!

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Cinnamon bark oil

Cinnamon bark oil is quite similar to Lavender oil as it has therapeutic effects when inhaled and it can help one relieve stress naturally.

Cinnamon bark oil is a skin tonic that can help with warts. It’s an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it's great for treating skin infections like warts. You can use cinnamon bark oil topically or internally to treat your wart—it even works as a natural mouthwash!

Cinnamon bark oil is a great natural skin tonic and it can be used for many things. It’s an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. It also helps heal wounds and treat acne.

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Oregano oil

Oregano oil is a powerful antiviral and antifungal agent, which means that it can help treat warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). 

While oregano oil has been shown to be effective in treating warts on the skin, it should not be used internally or topically on mucous membranes such as the mouth or vagina, which means it can not be used to cure genital warts. If applied to these areas of your body, you may experience burning sensations and irritation of your skin, and you wouldn't want that.

To use oregano oil for wart treatment:

Mix two drops of oregano essential oil with five drops of carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond before applying topically onto affected areas daily until symptoms subside.

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Coconut oil

We all know about coconut oil and its usefulness in hair care and skincare. Well, it can also treat warts!

However, coconut oil isn't meant for every type of wart. It is most effective for warts gotten through sexual transmission i.e. genital warts and warts on the soles of our feet, plantar warts.

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This brings us to the end of the article, and I hope you have learned a couple of things about warts, what causes them, and the essential oils that cure them.

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