Argan Vs. Olive Oil For hair growth,dry hair, damaged hair

Argan Vs. Olive Oil

Undoubtedly, using oils is good for our skin. Excluding the fact that it makes our skin glow, it further improves the health of our skin. Let’s briefly introduce the two main oils to be discussed, Argan and olive oil.

Argan Oil

According to research, Argan oil is extracted from a plant in Morocco, but not the plant itself. The name of the tree is called Argan, also the name of the oil.

This plant, as said earlier, is native to Morocco and is not only used for the skin. It is also used in breakfast in most dinners, to be used on bread, or to drizzle on pasta. And, of course, it is used in the cosmetic category of the fashion industry.

The fruit of the argan tree is peeled and the seeds extracted and then dried; they roast before proceeding to press and fully extract the oil, which naturally has a unique lovely scent.

Benefits Of Argan Oil

The oil has several benefits; however, let's explore some things the oil can be used for. 

  • The oil is good for the inner and outer layers of the skin and your stomach. It can boost the acids in the body to a good level of cholesterol and reduce your chances of a heart attack.

  •  Contains a lot of cancer-fighting agents that slow cancer growth.

  • Used for wound healing.

  • This oil is also extremely anti-aging, supporting the skin to slow sag or wrinkles.

  • Argan oil is often used to treat or prevent stretch marks, although no vivid feedback has been given.

  •  It is used to treat acne because it helps skin hydration.

  •  Since this oil is natural and the extract pure, it is also said to help with diabetes.

  • Gives the skin a protective layer against sunburn as a study shows antioxidants in the oil help.

  •  It has an abundance of vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin, and is found in Argan oil.

  • This oil helps in inflammatory skin conditions as it has many healing properties.

Demerits Of Argan Oil

Yes, this oil is considered to be safe by most of the people who have used it; however, some people have experienced minor reactions as a result of using it. It is very advisable to use a little bit of the oil to test if you will react to it or not before proceeding to large quantities; if you have side effects, it is advisable to stop.

When used orally, it may cause stomach upset like gas, diarrhea, and nausea. It may cause appetite loss or breakouts on the face. If you have any of these, it is advisable to give visit to the doctor.

Although rare, there are severe cases of reaction to the argan oil, including agitation, insomnia, and hyperactivity.

Best Three Argan Oil

Whipped Face Butter Argan Oil

One of Josie Maran's collections has been introduced to the market. It is a moisturizer as the ingredients are combined with botanicals, like an extract from cucumbers and watermelon seeds. Using a natural extract of shea butter gives the skin that glow and elasticity. 

Prestige Act

This is made by Pietro Simone skincare company, an Italian facialist; this is a rejuvenating cream that supports the firm skin and helps the collagen. This argan oil is mixed with peptides and some stem cells called calendula.

Moroccan Argan Oil

This oil is made by then Pura D'Or and is a certified product; it is said that this product is extremely suitable for both dry hair and skin. And it is also disclosed that it is for external use only; customers are told to use 1-3 drops of the argan oil to the spot and massage for up to 1 minute.

Olive Oil

After the introduction to Argan oil above, this is the insight into olive oil. Olive oil is one of the oldest oils dating back over 6000 years. This oil originated from Palestine, Iran, and Syria before finding its path to the Mediterranean, a place known to have huge olive groves.

According to history, olive oil was mostly used in medicine and food in many cultures and religious settings. There are three major types of Olive oil: Light-tasting, Extra-virgin, and Olive oil.

The extra-virgin is mostly used for cooking and the most asked after.  The olive oil is extracted by crushing the olives into a paste and then getting out the oil through centrifugation.

Benefits Of Using Olive Oil

To give out a few of the verified benefits of olive oil. 

  • Olive oil, especially extra-virgin, has a lot of antioxidants that have a strong effect on the body. It has an abundance of fatty acids, or in a huge word called, monounsaturated oleic acid. This is a very healthy approach to your cooking. 

  • It reduces the risk of stroke, as a large number of studies have given reactions to this. 

  • Fights against inflammation as it has a large nutrient of oleic acid.

  • The average intake of olive oil can cause weight loss, as this oil does not increase your weight.

  •  Although more research is needed for this to be fully confirmed, studies show that olive oil may fight Alzheimer's disease.

  • Olive oil reduces swelling and helps with Joint pain

  • This oil, as researched, has an antibacterial property that is useful in fighting against stomach cancers and ulcers.

  • Olive oil is used to reduce stretch marks and aging skin or wrinkles.

Dangers and Risk Of Olive Oil

Also, with Argan, studies show that some people negatively react to the usage of Olive oil. A 2016 research shows that olive oil may actually contribute to the creation and sometimes the development of eczema in children.

And although olive oil cleans the face, it may clog the pores and create bacteria when used too much. In contrast, some people experience skin redness or damage to the front layer of the skin.

It is also advisable not to use low-budget olive oils as they may have some added chemicals that may irritate or damage your skin.

It is a bit frowned upon to use olive oil directly on your hair because it may leave a small oily coating on the strands, and since olive oil is thick, it may affect the hair. Therefore, most people have advised getting a product with the oil in it, not using it directly.

Best Three Olive Oil

SES Olive Oil

Produced by SES research, this oil has nano-antioxidants in it. And it is said that it is almost hundred percent pure, standing on the edge of 99.99 percent. 

Olive Massage Oil

Made by the Brand named Best of nature, this oil is said to be suitable for all skin types and fragrance-free. This Brand dates back to the 1900s as their olive oil is used for wrinkle treatment, sunburn, and as a moisturizer.

Pure Olive Oil

This is made by Simply O3, which is excellent with granting high ozonizes and has no harmful components. It is said to get rid of wrinkles and helps with acne too.

Differences Between Argan Oil And Olive Oil

Now that you know the benefit of olive and Argan oil, let’s explore their differences.

  • Olive oil has over 50% oleic acid, while Argan contains over 40%. When taken mildly and frequently, olive and argan oils provide huge benefits to their users; however, one oil may be better compared for specific uses, so choose based on your choices. 

  • Because they both deliver the same moisturization and fatty acids, both oils are outstanding for resolving skin and hair problems. For routine beauty regimens, use virgin ice olive oil and Argan oil for special purposes.

  • Argan oil has Vitamin D but is free of Vitamin, and yes, Olive oil is the opposite.

  • Olive oil hydrates the lips well and is easy to use at home to handle severely cracked or dry lips. On the other hand, Argan oil outperforms olive oil as an organic moisturizer and conditioner for lips because of its higher Vitamin A and E content. If your lips are dry or flaky, argan oil can restock moisture and nourishment for good health and velvety lips.

  • Argan oil is very effective for hair growth and cures hair damage. It also makes the nails healthy and strong.

  • Olive oil is good for the hair but not suitable to be used as shampoo like Argan, it has a greater chance of clearing up your acne but not too much usage, or it clogs the pores.

  • Because of its high Vitamin and essential fatty acid content, argan oil enhances and moisturizes cuticles and nails. Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which protects your skin and cuticles. Warm olive oil, on the other hand, provides plenty of moisture to your nails. The cuticles near the nails can be hydrated with olive oil to promote hydration and nail growth. Select the option that is most convenient for you.


Does Argan Oil Clog Pores?

No, it does not

Can Argan Oil Brighten My Skin?

It depends on your type of skin.

Is Olive Oil Edible And Healthy

Yes, it is. It has been tasted by several people. Although, it might be known for a few side effects, which are very uncommon.

Does Drinking Olive Oil Has Health Benefits

Yes, it does

Can Olive Oil Clog Pores

Yes, it does.


Both oils have their unique properties when used. However, your skin type should be considered when choosing which one is good for you. The endeavor you do research before making a conclusion on which one is best for your skin type. Also, if you are part of the few whose skin reacts to either of the oil, desist from it and use the other alternative. 

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